​Lara Straatmann

Lara Straatmann was selected for the 2022 European Press Prize shortlist for ‘Back Channel Cooperation: How Frontex Helps Haul Migrants Back To Libyan Torture Camps.’

​Lara Straatmann is a reporter for the political TV magazine MONITOR on ARD. She has been working intensively on European asylum and migration policy for many years​. As a reporter, she documented the consequences of European asylum policy on numerous travels: she researched the situation in refugee camps in Turkey, travelled several times to the Moria camp on the Aegean island of Lesbos or spent weeks on a civilian rescue ship in the Mediterranean. In her first years as a reporter, she worked in current reporting at the public TV station NDR in Hamburg. Lara Straatmann studied political science, history and psychology in Bavaria, Manchester and North Carolina.