Shafagh Laghai

Shafagh Laghai was selected for the 2022 European Press Prize shortlist for ‘Back Channel Cooperation: How Frontex Helps Haul Migrants Back To Libyan Torture Camps.’

Shafagh Laghai was born in Iran and grew up in Berlin. There she studied journalism, political science and Iranian studies. Besides her studies, she worked as a fre​elance reporter for Deutsche Welle and travelled several times to Afghanistan and Pakistan for the station. In 2008, her traineeship took her to Cologne, where she then worked for the ARD Tagesschau. From 2013 to 2017, Shafagh Laghai was a correspondent at ARD’s Nairobi studio. In 2017, she was nominated for the Grimme Prize for her reporting from Africa. She joined the political TV magazine MONITOR on ARD in August 2017.​Shafagh Laghai

MONITOR-Redaktion: Shafagh Laghai Foto: WDR/Klaus Görgen