Zsuzsanna Wirth

Zsuzsanna Wirth was selected for the 2024 Shortlist with Thousands of Hospital Patients Are Dying from Terrible Infections. Instead of Addressing the Situation, the Government Is Working to Cover It Up.

Zsuzsanna started her journalistic career at then-biggest Hungarian news site Origo, where she spent ten years at the news desk, covering and investigating various political and social issues as well as corruption and organized crime. She worked for the Hungarian editions of Forbes and Marie Claire. She has been working at Direkt36 as a journalist since 2016, and as an editor since 2022. In 2022, she studied OSINT techniques as an OCCRP Research Fellow. She was awarded the Prize for Quality Journalism three times. In 2024, she received the László Szente-Prize, and together with Kamilla Marton she also won the Transparency-Soma award  for her series of articles exposing the hidden situation of hospital-acquired infections. She teaches journalism at Eötvös Lóránt Science University’s media department.

2022.03.22. Direkt 36 szerkesztőségi portrék.