Our first Community Event in Athens with iMEdD

Published on July, 13 2022

On October 9, at the Athens Conservatoire, we will host, together with our member iMEdD, the first-ever European Press Prize Community Event. The event will bring together our Community – including Laureates, board members, PrepCom members, Judges, and partners – with the aim of widening the horizons of European journalism.

The European Press Prize family will come together again, this year, after having met at the Prize Award Ceremony in Madrid. On October 9, we will launch our first Community Event, organised together with, and hosted by, our member iMEdD – Incubator for Media Education and Development. The event will mark the final day of iMEdD’s 5-Day Forum “International Journalism Week: A Matter of Trust.”

The aim of this event is to bring together all our stakeholders, for a day of discussions and networking moments that will revolve around one single, important topic: European journalism.

An ever-expanding journalists Community

The size of the European Press Prize Community naturally increases with every new Award season. From the hundreds of submissions we receive per year, 20 projects are shortlisted for the different categories of the Prize.

As the Prize was born 10 years ago, this brings the count of Laureates to around 200 teams, often composed of many journalists.

To the count of the participants, board members, Judges, PrepCom, and partners need to be added. This means that the European Press Prize Community now includes a large wealth of professionals from everywhere in Europe and beyond.

Harnessing the power of the Community

With all the different backgrounds and the knowledge that comes with them, the Prize Community can be a powerful source of ideas that can have an impact both within the Community and outside of it.

At the Community Event, our Laureates and other Community members will have a chance to meet and talk about their current projects, and what could be done next. They will design future collaborations together, network, and share knowledge, ultimately continuing to cultivate excellence in European journalism.

The impact of the Community Event will extend beyond the limits of the European Press Prize Community, because the ideas and projects that will be born in Athens will be developed in different European countries and then made available to different audiences.

The first Community Event

The Community Event will hopefully become a recurring event, coming to play an essential role in the growth of the European Press Prize and its partners.

This first edition is made possible by our member iMEdD, which will host us during the International Journalism Week.

Anna-Kynthia Bousdoukou, iMEdD Managing Director, Journalist: “We strongly believe collaboration is the only way forward to everything, not least overcoming the Matter of Trust journalism is experiencing. In this vein, we are proud to host the first-ever European Press Prize Community Event, a coming together of professionals sharing common values and telling stories that can create real impact.”

While the first part of the Community Event’s programme will only be dedicated to our invitees, the second part will be open to all International Journalism Week’s participants. The collaborative spirit of the event and of our Community will also be reflected in the plan of the day, as the participants will be given a chance to substantiate part of the programme.